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Valery Syomin and folk-group "White day"


Valery Syomin and legendary group "White Day" are very famous and worldwide popular. It is unique experiment based on a synthesis of Russian folk music and original arrangements of cover-versions of the most popular pop and rock music.

In the early '90s “White Day” was one of the few groups who began to play on Russian balalaika western pop-music. In 1994 Valery Syomin and “White Day” produced a sensational album "Balalaika in Rock”.

With characteristic humor, “White Day” plays on Russian folk instruments hits of “Deep Purple”, “Beatles”, “Eagles”, “Metallica”, “Boney-M”, fragments from the rock-opera "Jesus Christ Superstar ", 

as well as virtuoso classical work in modern arrangement. With the program "Balalaika in Rock» performed “White Day” with Liza Minnelli , Chris Rea , Ruth McCartney, "Boni - M" and other. In 1998 at the request of the producer group “Queen”, Valery Syomin and”White Day " took part in a concert to the memory of Freddie Mercury (Moscow, Luzhniki ) . The whole audience was singing under the Russian balalaika legendary hits “Friends will be friends”, “Don't stop me now”.

Valery Syomin and the group "White Day" participated in various musical projects, collaborated with most popular actors and musicians, organized world music festivals in Europe.



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