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Andrew Solod & Solod Band


Andrew Solodkiy, the stage name is Andrew Solod, is one of the most impressive representatives of Russian pop music.

Solod Band - an instrumental jazz quintet. Leader of the quintet - the famous saxophone player and arranger Mikhail Savin.

In collaboration with Mikhail Savin was created a big project - Andrew Solod & Solod Band, in which produced several different programs:

Show program "Into the distance the river flows " - the new creative project is a subtle fusion of almost all the world's musical traditions with an emphasis on Russian ethnic and improvisational-jazz sound.

"Into the distance the river flows" is a bright musical show without the use of phonograms, with Andrew Solod live vocals with pure natural timbre of tenor-altino , gives a unique flavor of a true Slavic melody. In this program sound lyrical and rhythmic original songs and folk songs arrangements of different temperaments.

The program "Eternals Love Songs", which included hit songs (including jazz), arrangements of classical music and folk songs.

The new program «Dream of the Opera» - arrangements of popular opera arias in different jazz styles.


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